16Kumaresan (boy in front) is one of our children who has been with us since early 2009. His parents are both deceased and his 20 year old sister was not able to care for him. We hope to employ his sister at our Children’s home once we move into our permanent home sometime late 2011.

Kumaresan has come to us with some handicap problem in his hips. He walks with a very large limp and he cannot run. Recently we had money donated for the specific purpose of helping him with some medical attention for his legs.

Kumarasan had a CT scan and now he is scheduled for surgery November 2010. He is excited that he will be running and jumping like the other children now!
VJ has been with us since 2008 and he has no mother or father. His grandparents had been looking after him and heard about us and so now we are raising him and giving him a good education. He is a very positive and sweet boy.