19aThis is Gopika in 2009 and below a photo taken just a year later.
Gopika was dropped off at the Children’s Home at just 8 months old.  The story we got was that the father died and the mother was working and could not keep Gopika. It takes Satya and his assistants months to do background checks on every child. We found out after the search that in fact Gopika was born out of wed lock and the mother did not want her. We gladly took her and even gave her the name Gopika!

The children of Global Watch Foundation Children’s Home are Gopika’s brothers19b and sisters and the only family she has ever known. The older children and the house Mothers all love Gopika and all help to care for her, even the older boys. In fact our children are extremely well behaved overall. We take them on trips to the Temple and restaurants, field trips out of town and there is literally never any fighting or pushing or crying. They are always appreciative and very mature. It is a joy to take them on trips and to spend time with them!