Current Conditions

• We have savings for College funds for our children but we still need more as we have three young adults now in College and more growing up fast! Our eldest Vinodhe has been with us since he was 12 years of age and he is now 19 and in his 2nd year of College.

We received FCRA from the Indian Government June 2016

New Implementations

Child Tracking System – Supply documentation on all children for the JJ Act which is Julianne Justice Act. This is a new system that the government has started to help keep track of all Orphans in India. For instance children with psychological problems will be flagged so that they can be directed to the proper counsellor or doctor. Or if a child has learning issues etc, they will be helped. This will also help future adoption requirements as the government is trying to clean up child prostitution and slavery etc..

Completed Projects

1. Moved our children to new housing in early 2014. The new housing has 3 acres and many houses.

2. Purchased an 18 seat school bus and finished paying it off in 2016.

3. We now have a family of cows that feed our kids fresh daily milk, butter, yogurt and paneer/homemade cheese.

4. New website launched February 2015.

5. Raincoats, umbrellas and rain boots purchased January 2015.

6. New mini van purchased February 2015.

7. Organic garden.

8. Computer Center with 12 computers

9. Medical Center with nurse

10. We have savings for college funds but still need to grow that fund.