We have 12 people currently on staff.


Art Teacher

Karrupu comes every few weeks and he is an art teacher. From 8th grade onwards the kids have to draw in school for science and so he instructs the children on art and drawing and painting. He also helps the kids if they have an art project … Read More


School Bus Driver

Kumar (driver for the children to go to school) Drives our new school bus. … Read More


Cow Milker

Thatha is our milk man and milks the cows daily. Comes morning and evening. Milking is a difficult job! … Read More



Mr.Rajkumar tutor for big boys and girls specialized in maths and science. Bachelor of Education … Read More

Ms. Nathiya


Ms.Nathiya is the tutor for girls in the evenings. Bachelor of Education. … Read More

Mr. Bala

House Father and Tutor

Mr.Bala is the house father who comes only in the evenings for the boys and he is also their tutor. … Read More


Chef & Nightime Guardian

Selvam our new chef. Old friend of Satya’s that cooked in his family restaurant for many years. Trained by Satya to cook since 1997. Selvam sleeps with the boys and is their night time guardian. … Read More


Kitchen Assistant & House keeper

Mrs.Aishwarya is our new kitchen assistant and takes care of our new cow family which has grown to a family of 5 cows! She is also the house keeper. The cows give us 15 liters a day. We also sell the milk to help pay for the cow’s food. … Read More


Staff Nurse

Vanitha is our new staff Nurse and assists the house mother - Handles all personal records of the children's health. New rule by the govt, for 25 kids we need to have one medical assistant. … Read More

Ms. Esther

House Mother

Ms. Esther is our new House mother - she is M.B.A graduate and volunteers her time. … Read More

Ms. Chitrapriya

Office Manager

Ms. Chitrapriya is Office Manager that we have to submit to child protection office. So she handles all our government paperwork. She is a lawyer. … Read More


Onsite Manager

Vetri is the new GWF onsite Manager and is an M.B.A graduate. … Read More